See what Apostle Johnson Suleiman said about the release if 1400 repentant Boko haram members

The founder of omega fire ministry Apostle Johnson Suleiman did not believed that 1400 repentant members of boko haram release.

According to his tweeter handle, he said he did not believed it is true. What we motivate the soldier to risk their live fighting a sect that will also be released?

See his tweets

Apostle Johnson Suleiman

Heard that 1400 repentant boko haram members have been released. I want to believe it’s not true. What will be the motivation for soldiers to risk their lives fighting a sect that will always be later released?.this is kindergarten leadership at its peak,if it’s true. Very wrong..

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  1. I also agree with him,I mean some soldiers die in the process of catching these beasts in humans clothing,only for the government to release them it’s unfair and very wrong.

  2. why will they released 1400 people of Boko Haram I believe is not true because I don’t know the believe of soldier fighting them and at the end of it they will be released

  3. Too bad why we they released them, those Boko Haram they suppose to kill all because as the law says β€œif anybody kill anyone they should kill that person also

  4. If this new I anything to go by then it is easy that say that this state is failed one because in the history of terrorism, it has never been heard that they repent and are set free anywhere in the world.

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