What Led To The Death Of Barrister Eric Agboegbulem Finally Revealed

The death of Barrister Eric Agboegbulem Death is still shocking to many people, how can a well respected man in the society die in that way. So many things have been said concerning his death, including the family have spoken on their own side of the story. But many of us have not held what led to his death. It has been revealed now!!

A popular social media personality, a Pharmacist, DR KEMI OLUNLOYO have revealed what led to Barrister Eric Agboegbulem death. According to her the honorable attorney “Barrister Eric Agboegbulem” died a Disgraceful death with a Small Girl Precious.

Dr. Kemi Olunloyo said “Barrister Eric Agboegbulem” used Sex Enhancement Drug and the name of the drug brand is Sildenafil 200mg. According to him he said the man supposed not exceed 200mg a day and that’s if you having sex 6 times a day.

The 200mg is overdose for the man, he suppose to take 120mg before having sleeping with the girl in the hotel.

Dr. Kemi Olunloyo also advise every married man out there, to be careful and don’t die a shameful death.

Now we hear the real gist, kindly share, comment and tell us what you think about this information.

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  1. If he is not up to the task he should have just accepted it,why take a drug that didn’t even guarantee his safety,well this serves as a lesson to some adulterous married men.

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